Live to Two Track

by catfish

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Recorded Live to Two Track over two nights in December, 2012
A summation of three and a half years


released July 15, 2013

Engineered by Edsel Holden and Sean Davidson
with Assistant Engineer, Alex Chase

Mastered by Edsel Holden
Artwork by Rex Runyeon
All Songs by Joe Aiello

Catfish was:

Chris DePorter - Drums and Percussion
Robbie Plackemeier - Bass
Joe Aiello - Guitar and Vocals

Featuring Special Guests:

Cody Stanaszek - Wurlitzer
Aaron Gunnin - Saxophone
Eric Wheeler - Piano and Hammond Organ
Mackenzie Scott - Backing Vocals
Jordan Williams - Backing Vocals

For Dom, Carol, & Claire



all rights reserved


catfish Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Ain't Got The Blues
Well I got this little lady, and she's got my head a-spinnin'
With eyes like the fall, oh, her smile's got me sinnin'
I don't know much about love, but I know one thing is true
I ain't seen the blues since the day I met you

I'm heading to the station, yeah, I'll see you in the morning
And as the miles get to ticking, well my head, it quits storming
When I see my baby, I'm-a gonna hold her tight
I'll be shaking off my blues when you're back by my side

Oh, I don't know much about love, but I know one thing is true
I ain't seen the blues since the day I met you
Track Name: DoYaWanna?
Think I'd like to go for a swim, do you wanna?
Think I'd like to take that hand, do you wanna?
'Cause for the last few nights, I ain't feelin' right
I can't eat, can't sleep, can't speak
I want you here with me

Think I'd like to cool things down, do you wanna?
I know places we won't be found, do you wanna?
'Cause I seen you walking 'round, got your head down
Oh, I want, I want, I want
I want to help you out
Track Name: Waiting
Darling, oh darling, lover in my arms
will you never leave me short of awe?
But just like a cuckold keeps the clock in view
Oh darling, my darling, I've been waiting for you

You lit a fire in my arms
So I could find my way through the dark
But just like a lost soul in a church pew
Oh darling, my darling, I've been waiting for you

Oh time, would you please be kind
leave me something to warm my hands?
Oh love, could it be enough
to have someone through the night?
Then all my days won't be wasted away
Intertwined, with you by my side
Track Name: lo-ease
What is it that you're missing
Is it me or is the idea
I guess I gave you something
Somethings you just can't get now
And you said you wish that this could work
But a wishin' heart only makes things worse

I guess there will be days
Where I'll still think of you in that same way
But it is something fleeting
And much like you it will escape
So, I guess I'll wish that you will change
But you and I know you will stay the same
Track Name: I Just Do
Darling, I've realized that loving just won't do with anyone but you
Maybe if our paths align, well, darling you'd find that my love is true
And every day you don't come my way
I just feel wrong
Oh, how I long
For you by my side
Every night
Oh, I just do
Track Name: Blue
Since you've known me, I have been thinking of you, only of you
And when we part ways, you know that all of my days, I dream of that place

I'm so tired
Oh so blue
I'm so far from you

In the past year I have been shaking all my fears, I still wish you were near
I'm so tongue-tied over what's been growing inside
I can't sleep through the night

I'm so restless
Oh so blue
I'm so lonesome for you
Track Name: Crocodile
You're a regular crocodile, and when I saw you swimming by
I knew just what to do, yeah, I know shits like you

Now, I've been walking 'round
without a sound a-coming up out my mouth
But if you knew what I'd do, maybe you'd see it too

What did I do to let myself get this down?
What did I do to let you get so far?
Well, they got a lot of sharks where I come from
(I can't go around town without meeting one)
And though you may have once had me on the run
I'm going to get what's mine

My mind ain't gone, it ain't lost yet
No, I just can't deal with this
But without you by my side
I'll still be getting by
Every night
Track Name: Fins
(Some things, they don't change
Some people, they do change)

Oh, you know, with time all of this will change
We will pass through each other's veins
But in my spine you will remain
some idea, something quaint

I don't mind if I'm wasting my time

It's been a couple years since you've been around
And I still feel you in the ground
Where are you now?
Where are you now?

I don't mind if the end is in sight

It's been one hell of a year, so won't you let me rest?
So I can be better in the next?
Fill up my spine to clear out my head,
to slow down the time, to prolong the end

It's alright if I'm losing my mind.