by catfish



released August 10, 2015

Tracks 1, 2 & 3
tracked, mixed, and produced by Edsel Holden at Redact Studios
mastered by Trevor Richardson
pedal steel by Ben Littlejohn
backing vocals by Alessandra Young
drums by Sam Gidley
bass by Tom Dicks
additional thanks to Graydon Wenrich

Tracks 4, 5, 6 & 7
home demos from the widow's nest



all rights reserved


catfish Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: try
i've been losing sleep
over the things that i ain't got
i know that it's a fool who worries
about losing before he has lost

my mind, the web i'm entangled in
it feels like i'm caught in the mouth
of some lover that don't want me now
gonna chew and spit me out

but it's all that i can do
to try not to doubt

tired of feeling sorry
for being sorry about the nights
i couldn't rest a heavy head
still burning with a past life

so i set my heart to longing for
my slate to be cleaned by your hand
now it don't seem so hard
to straighten up my back

but its still all that i can do
just to stand
Track Name: days
tonight i will try to reconcile
all the worries time has bred
from your new york tomb
through a burning room
i've been retracing all my steps

searching for more than a warm body
on which to rest my leaden head
i have felt a fool for a while
now a humbled child
for the sorrow i have shed

now quiet and dour
i count the hours
got my days all in a row
biding my time with the fleeting thought
that i'll still reap what i have sewn

but my heavy heart
(and lesser parts)
leaves me trembling at the unknown
what i would give for days like this
just you and no ringing phone.
Track Name: knots
everybody has been bringing me down
talking circles through what has already been figured out.
i don't care about what you're after.
in the end, you know, it just don't matter.

but those lines alongside your eyes, they don't lie.
i know something has been keeping you up at night.
i know that i'm not the one you're after.
in the end, you know, you'll still come back for more.

and i know you like to talk a lot
and i've heard you like to fuck around
but i have learned to ignore the things i can't control.

haven't you already crawled out this hole?
falling back, it's a weakness, i know
you can give it time, you can plant it with hope
but in a year, still at the end of your rope

i felt like i had to choose
between tying the knot and tying your noose
and that's why i had to break your heart.
Track Name: offer
oh, how my heart elates
i'll always dote upon the sound of you calling my name

i am much more reticent than in days of my descent
i guess i don't care much for what i've built
just rime on the trees and banks of silt

oh! knotty pine of mine how i have let you suffer!
once hanged from closets swinging sweetly into summer
much like an unborn child, the product of my mother
now much more ruminant, still nonplused
by the love you can offer